Simple Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Sometimes, a few simple kitchen backsplash ideas are all that's needed to make a kitchen really pop. Although the backsplash is mainly in place to make the walls easy to clean, the backsplash is also a blank palette that you can use to add color and beauty to your kitchen.

Keep Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Simple

A basic backsplash can be as simple as a four-inch ribbon of material running the length of your counters. You don't need a tin ceiling backsplash. For not much more time and expense, however, the entire space between counter and cabinet can be covered, giving your kitchen a sophisticated look with practical benefits. Here are some simple ways to get started:

  • Ceramic Tile - the classic backsplash material, ceramic tile is easy to apply and comes in an incredible array of choices. A solid field of identical tiles can bring calm sophistication to your kitchen. Simple accents are available for many styles of tile that allow you to customize your look or tie the colors of the room together. There are even pre-formed mosaic sheets that can give your backsplash a spectacular look with very little effort.
  • Glass Tile - Easy to clean and scratch resistant, glass tiles can literally make your backsplash shine. Under cabinet lighting can really get glass tiles sparkling.
  • Stone - Nothing beats natural stone for a subtle, refined look. Tumbled marble tiles are simply installed, yet make your kitchen look as if it stepped out of a magazine.
  • Vinyl Tile - Easy to install and a real bargain, vinyl tiles are an inexpensive way to provide function and fashion under your cabinets. Most home centers have a wide selection of vinyl tile that mimics the look of brick, ceramic and even wood!
  • Stainless steel - Long a favorite in professional kitchens, stainless steel creates a modern look that is durable and easy to clean. Stainless steel is also scratch resistant and antibacterial.
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