Exotic Hardwood Floors

Imported exotic hardwood floors are an attractive option when considering solid hardwood flooring. Some exotic hardwood floors require a bit more care than standard flooring to retain its luster. A good general rule: whatever maintenance is good for solid hardwood flooring is good for imported exotic hardwood floors. And more of it won't hurt.

Always ask about any special care requirements when shopping for imported exotic hardwood flooring.

Here are six basic rules for maintaining imported exotic hardwood floors. See other articles on this site for more information about the care and refinishing of solid hardwood flooring in general.

  1. Sweep and vacuum often. A soft-bristled broom and a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment are ideal. Never use a vacuum with a beater brush as that may damage the finish on your floor.
  2. Clean regularly with a proper wood floor cleaner. Never use ammonia or bleach-based household cleansers. Never use oil soaps. And never use water or soap. Check your supermarket or hardware store for cleaners made specifically for your type of floor whether it's urethane coated or waxed.
  3. Clean up spills as they occur. Never let food or liquid sit on the floor for any length of time as staining may occur.
  4. Protect your floor from scratches. Shoes, pets and furniture are the most common sources of scratches. Put pads under the legs of your furniture. Trim your pet's nails on a regular basis, and keep the soles of your shoes, especially high heels, in good repair and free of any protruding tacks.
  5. Keep dirt outside. Use door mats at every door to the outside and shake them out regularly. Dirt and grit tracked in on shoes will act like sandpaper and damage your floor very quickly.
  6. Protect from overexposure to the sun. Direct sunlight for extended periods will fade and damage flooring beyond repair. Uneven fading caused by area rugs can also occur and usually cannot be corrected.

In general, always follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and maintenance, and read the labels of any products you intend to use on your floors. The wrong product can result in costly and even irreparable harm to your exotic hardwood floor. Proper care with the right products will result in years of enjoyment.

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