Ideas for Ceramic Tile Patterns

When we think of ceramic tile patterns, the first thing that comes to mind is the standard 4-1/4 inch squares laid in a simple grid. But there is a wide variety of ceramic tile patterns that can add pizzazz to your home and increase the value as well.

Whether you're laying tile flooring, installing a bathroom wainscoting, a kitchen backsplash or a shower surround, don't be afraid to get creative in designing a unique pattern. Here are a few ideas to get your imagination going:

Straight Course
The standard tile pattern is stacking square tiles with the grout lines running vertically and horizontally like graph paper.

Diagonal Course or Diamond Pattern
Instead of installing square tiles with the grout lines running vertically and horizontally, run the grout lines on a 45-degree diagonal.

Random Squares
Buy a tile that comes in a variety of square and rectangular sizes and vary them. This will take some careful planning and you'll need to lay them out on the floor like a jigsaw puzzle before installing.

Brick Pattern
Instead of stacking the tiles one over the other, stagger the vertical grout lines like a running bond or brick pattern. This can be done using either square tiles or rectangular tiles.

Run rectangular tiles in a horizontal zig-zag pattern with each one at a right angle to the previous one.

Use rectangular tiles with a length that is two or three times the height. Install two or three stacked horizontally adjacent to two or three vertically. This can be done either horizontally and vertically, or on a 45-degree diagonal.

Ribbon pattern
Alternate a row of rectangular tiles with square tiles of equal width. This can be done in either a stacked pattern or a brick pattern, staggering the vertical grout lines.

Windmill or Pinwheel Pattern
Surround a square tile with four rectangular tiles, each overlapping the end of the other and repeat.

Flip through your favorite design magazines or visit as many tile shops as you can for even more ideas. There's literally no end to the number of different patterns you can create and you're only limited by your imagination.


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