Do It Yourself Garage Door Repair

The garage door is easily the largest moving part in your house. Although the door glides up at the touch of a button, it is constructed of many moving parts that must be maintained. Luckily, a moderately handy person can accomplish the majority of garage door repair projects that need to be done.

Maintain And Inspect Your Garage Door
Routine maintenance and inspection are the first line of defense when it comes to your garage door. Look for loose or worn hinges, rollers and mounting hardware and repair or replace as necessary. Lubrication is also a great way to keep your garage door in top shape. Penetrating oil like motor oil or 3-in-1 oil should be applied to rollers and hinges once a year.

When Good Springs Go Bad
Torsion springs, typically located on the garage wall over the door, have a useable life of four to seven years. When these springs break, they go out with a bang. There is quite a bit of controversy regarding the amateur repair of torsion springs. These springs need to be installed with a great deal of pressure to lift your heavy garage door. If you are in any way uncomfortable with mechanical repairs, seek the help of a trained professional.

Troubleshooting an Electric Garage Opener
When it comes to garage door opener repair, the manual is your best friend. If you've lost or damaged your manual, you can usually find electronic copies online. Your owner's manual will detail how to adjust the various settings and assist you with detailed problem solving.

Generally, most electric garage door issues stem from a few sources. If the door opens but won't close, or if it closes partially and then reopens, you probably have a problem with the photoelectric sensor. Check to see if the sensor is blocked or if the sensor was bumped and has become misaligned. Another common problem is that door vibrations cause the force settings to be changed. The open force and close force settings are easily adjusted-consult your owner's manual.

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