Do You Really Want a Copper Kitchen Sink

Copper kitchen sinks may look gorgeous in the store, but does one deserve a place in your kitchen?

Copper in the kitchen
Copper has long been used in the kitchen, whether as a material for kitchen sinks or cookware. As a result, the pros and cons of copper are well established and agreed upon. These include:


  • Adds a custom look to your kitchen

  • Many handmade, artisan pieces to choose from

  • More antimicrobial than stainless steel

  • If left unpolished, copper develops a beautiful patina over time

  • Doesn't rust or corrode

  • Comes in a variety of styles: smooth, hammered, with designs, without


  • Expensive

  • Patina doesn't occur evenly

  • Scratches more easily than stainless steel and other materials

  • Can be damaged by hot pots and pans due to its low melting point

  • Lower gauges can dent and warp

  • Washing dishes can be noisy, particularly with lower-gauge models

  • To maintain a bright, shiny finish, it must be polished and waxed regularly

Weighing the benefits and drawbacks
Considering the previous list of pros, it's not hard to see why copper sinks have been around for ages. However, no list of benefits can replace the importance of how a copper sink will function in your home. Spend some time considering how you use your current sink, and how you would like to be able to use your new sink. Then compare your list of wants to the list of pros and cons of owning a copper sink. Only then can you decide if a copper sink really is right for you and your needs.

Copper sink buying tips
If you decide that a copper sink is right for your kitchen, there are several guidelines that you should follow to ensure that you are purchasing a sink of the highest quality. These include:

  • To reduce noise and potential for denting and warping, opt for a thicker-gauge model.

  • If you don't want to have to wait for the patina to develop, select a sink that comes complete with patina.

  • Look for a sink with welded joints instead of soldered. This will result in a stronger sink and ensure that everything ages to the same color. Solder tends to age to a black color.

  • Shop in person. This is the best way to ensure that you are getting exactly what you think you are.

  • Shop from reputable sources, and ask for a quality guarantee. This will allow you to return your sink if the quality doesn't live up to your expectations.

Explore your options
Shopping for a copper kitchen sink can be a lot of fun. If you've decided that a copper sink belongs in your kitchen, spend some time sifting through the options. Which will you choose for your home?

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