How to Install Drain Tile

It is important that you know how to install drain tile correctly if you plan on doing it yourself. Drain tile is an important defense against drainage into your home's basement or foundation. It keeps water from seeping into the cracks of your home's foundation, which would ruin your house and be extremely expensive to repair. You should not undertake a job as big as installing drain tile unless you are extremely handy and are willing to put in the hard work and attention to detail that is necessary to correctly installing the drain tile. Here are some tips on how to install drain tile.

The first thing you'll need to do is to measure the perimeter of your house. You should purchase any new drain tile that you will need before getting into the project.

Next, dig a trench around your house. The trench should reach the footer of your foundation. The footer is a section of concrete that sticks out from the foundation. The best way to do this is by renting machinery. If renting machinery is out of your league or budget, you can dig the hole using a shovel, but it will take a great deal longer that way.

Now you should put filtration paper in the hole that you have dug. This will keep little bits of soil and rock from getting into the drain tile. Now you can put the drain tile down into the trench. Make sure that you seal the joints so that they don't leak. The type of sealant that you use will vary depending on the material that the drain tile is made of.

On top of the drain tile you should place six to twelve inches of gravel. Then put the soil that you dug up on top of the drain tile and gravel.

You should be done. Just make sure that you check your work to ensure that the drain tile has been placed properly and won't be allowing water into your home.

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