How Does a Generator Work

How does a generator work? There are different types of generators, meaning the way they work varies depending on the type of generator in question. In general, when most people think of a generator, they're referring to the machine that can be used to back up energy in your home.

A generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It does this using magnets that apply pressure (measured in volts) to electrons (measured in amps), pushing them through an electrical field and creating an electrical current. The electricity produced by the generator is transferred into an electric motor. Generators are generally operated using moving water, wind or steam. Some generators operate with an engine using gas. Small generators use permanent magnets and create a magnetic field. Larger generators use metal coils rather than permanent magnets.

Generators were invented by Michael Faraday, a British scientist, and Joseph Henry, an American scientist. Together they came up with the principle of electromagnetic induction which states that when an electric conductor moves through a magnetic field, an electric current will flow through the conductor. This converts mechanical energy into electric energy. From there Faraday built a generator which he called the Faraday disc. It didn't produce enough energy to be usable but it was the foundation for generators to come.

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You should learn how to use a generator before you try installing one in your home.

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What size generator do I need? This largely depends on your intended use of the generator. Whether you'll be using the generator as a backup source of energy for your house, as the main source of energy for an RV or a live-on sailboat or in case of an emergency for a large building such as a nursing home, your needs will greatly vary.

Read articles about how does a generator work, how to use a generator and what size generator do i need.

Read articles about how does a generator work, how to use a generator and what size generator do i need.

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