How to Wire a Fluorescent Light

Here's what you need to know to learn how to wire a fluorescent light. If you want to have even lighting in your home, you may wish to learn how to wire a fluorescent light. Fluorescent lights have become more popular in recent years because they use less energy than their incandescent counterparts.

Before you begin, make sure to cut power to your home. There's nothing worse than getting an electrical shock while doing wiring work, and it can even be deadly. Then remove the old light, if there is one. Disconnect old wires from circuit line wires. Take down the body of the old light, leaving just the wires connecting the light fixture to the power source exposed.

Now it's time to connect your new fluorescent light to the wires in your ceiling. Use wirenuts to connect the wires to each other without keeping the wires exposed and at risk of electrocuting you or catching on fire when the light is switched on. Connecting the wires from the old fixture to your new fluorescent light is easy; just match the colors (white from the old light fixture to the white wires from the new fluorescent light and black from the old fixture to the black wire on the fluorescent light). You can wire the switch to your new fluorescent light using the black wire. You'll also need to wire the switch to your circuit box, if it's not in place from the previous light.

Once the fluorescent light is rewired, attach the light fixture to the wall again. Use whatever has come with your new light (such as screws). Then you may turn the power back on to your house and test your new lights.

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