How to Wire a Lamp

Do you need to learn how to wire a lamp? If the wiring from an old lamp is shot but you want to preserve the lamp, you may want to learn how to wire a lamp. It's not difficult to do, provided you follow instructions and take care to do the wiring safely.

You can buy a lamp rewiring kit at your local home improvement store. This will not only contain directions, but will have the new parts that you'll need. Of course one of the first things you'll want to do is make sure that the lamp isn't plugged in.

Now you should remove the socket shell (near where the light bulb screws in) and then undo the screws holding in the wires. You'll be able to completely remove the socket. The wires will be tied in a knot; undo these to remove the cord from the lamp.

From your lamp rewiring kit, take the new cord and thread it through the lamp. Pull it up through the top, giving yourself extra room to work with. You'll be able to slide it back down into the lamp afterwards. Split the cord into two pieces and anchor them. Connect them to the screws where the original cord was wired. Attach the smoother side of the cord clockwise around the brass screw. Attach the ridged cord around the silver screw.

Make sure that you place insulation over the wiring and then replace the socket shell. Check with the lamp rewiring kit's instructions to make sure that you followed the proper procedure. Then twist in a new light bulb, plug the lamp in, and check out your work!

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