Dressing Up Grapevine Wreaths

Grapevine wreaths are one of the most handsome natural decorations for your home. As long as you clean your indoor grapevine wreaths regularly, don't use spray paint or add adhesives, they will last for many years.

How to Dress Up a Grapevine Wreath
Dressing up a grapevine wreath is accomplished easily through the use of wire or hot glue. If you are worried about ruining the wreath by hot-gluing materials to it, wrap the area with strips of florist's tape or some other non-sticky tape first. Carefully hot glue items to the tape.

Adding Accents to Your Wreath
To create a beautiful wall hanging, decorate a large grapevine wreath with colorful silk flowers. Use hot glue or wire to attach flowers and foliage to the wreath. When there are large holes in the grapevine weave, secure the flowers in place by simply inserting the silk flower stems into the holes and bending the wire over the vines on the backside of the wreath. Items inserted this way won't mar the grapevine and will be easy to remove.

For a more natural wreath, use dried sweetheart roses. Make two fairly large bundles of about a dozen roses each. Secure the individual bundles with rubber bands placed about six inches below the flower heads. Place the rose bundles with flower heads at the opposite ends. Arrange the bundles so the flowers surpass the wreath by about two inches on each side. Mark the center-point of the two bundles and cut the stems from both bundles at that point.

Hot glue the ends from each bundle together to form one bundle of roses with flower heads at each end. Lay the bundle over the base of a grapevine wreath. Wrap a (wire) ribbon around the base of the wreath and the flower stems. Do this several times to attach the flowers to the wreath securely and tie.

Finish the wreath with a large bow. Make sure the bow is large enough to cover most of the flower stems, leaving just the dried flower heads showing on each side.

Color Coordination
Don't be afraid to add vibrant colors and large flowers or foliage when working with a large grapevine wreath. A splash of color may be just what you need to bring an otherwise drab room to life. Use colorful flowers in shades that will match the room. If you have leftover curtain material, use it to make your bow. If you can match the flowers on your throw pillows to silk flowers, you can incorporate them into your new grapevine wreath design.

If simplicity is the look you crave, loosely wrap a ribbon around the wreath, tie a bow and hang it on the wall.

Choose the Theme, Set the Pace
Because the grapevine wreath is a natural material, you can never go wrong by adding additional natural items such as dried flowers, moss and rocks. Even if the natural materials are handmade, as long as they fit with the theme, go for it.

Whimsical Wreath Tips

  • If you're looking for a peaceful woodsy theme, add a little bit of moss, some mushrooms made out of meringue, a couple of silk bluebells and a raffia bow.
  • Add sphagnum moss or fake moss to the bottom third of the wreath. Tuck the moss into the crevices and overlap it so that all traces of the grapevine are covered. Using fake mushrooms and an elf or fairy, create a whimsical wonderland for a child's bedroom. Use hot glue and wire to attach the items to the wreath and add an opaque ribbon to match the clothing of the elf or the wings of the fairy.
  • In much the same manner, make a winter wonderland using fake snow and a small house. Suspend Santa Claus and his eight reindeer so that they're sailing through the hoop of the wreath. Instead of a bow, make a simple felt banner that reads, "He knows when you are sleeping."
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