Summer Garden Centerpieces for Less Than $10

Summer garden centerpieces can be simple yet unique designs created for less than $10. Whether for a dinner under the stars or as a way to bring the garden indoors, a centerpiece inspired by the summer garden can add elegance, whimsy and wow to your table.

Bloomin' beauties

If your summer garden is in full bloom, a centerpiece highlighting a few of your beautiful flowers can be an economical and gorgeous creation. Instead of a basic vase arranged with stemmed flowers, consider using just the blooms floating in a shallow glass bowl of water. Arrange two or three bowls, depending on the size of the table. The bowls do not have to match. Use crystal serving bowls or candy dishes. If you need to purchase bowls, look for deals at places like Target, Wal-Mart or your local dollar store, which often will have plain glass bowls for about $2.

Herb bouquet

Herbs are not only wonderful flavor-enhancers in the meal, but they can be arranged into attractive centerpieces for either an outdoor or indoor table setting. The Herb Gardener recommends removing any leaves that are below the water line when arranging a vase or bowl bouquet. Lavender, mint, basil and rosemary look beautiful arranged on their own or with garden flowers.

Carry your culinary theme into the table centerpiece by displaying some of the herbs that were used in the meal. This summer garden centerpiece comes in at well under $10 if your garden is filled with fresh herbs. If you do not have your own herb garden, herbs can be purchased at a local farmer's market or produce stand.

Watering can with flower(s)

Brightly painted watering cans are available at many stores for about $3. Choose a painted can to match or contrast your table linens. Add a spray of fresh flowers, such as daisies, hydrangea and lilies, for a bright and cheerful summer garden centerpiece. If you want a classic look, opt for a stainless steel or copper watering can.

Edible centerpiece

A summer garden bursting with fresh vegetables can be the inspiration for a centerpiece. Instead of arranging a traditional crudités tray, serve bite-size fresh vegetables as an edible centerpiece. Opt for a stylish oblong dish or breadbasket that compliments your table design. Cupcake liners work well as vegetable holders and can be arranged within the dish or breadbasket. Fill each liner with an array of fresh vegetables. Be bold with color: Include purple cauliflower, yellow peppers and bright cherry tomatoes. Use fresh parsley or leaf lettuce as decorative filler in between the vegetable cups.

Pretty paver

A rectangular paving stone can become a unique base for a summer garden centerpiece. A single paver can cost less than $3 at your local home improvement store. Try this centerpiece, which needs only two pavers. Place them next to each other. Arrange the linen napkin across the pavers so the endpoint of the linen is draped and centered over the long side of each paver. Top the linen with a small glass bowl filled with water and a floating tea light. Crocheted linens work especially well in this centerpiece.

Creating a summer garden centerpiece for less than $10 can be easy when drawing inspiration from your own garden. In addition, using materials from your home garden creates not only beautiful table arrangements but also ones that are affordable. Craft materials like raffia, ribbon and floral foam are good choices to have on hand to help you design centerpieces.

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