What Do Daisies Symbolize

What do daisies symbolize? Daisies are a type of wildflower from the aster family that bring sunshine into people's lives. The name "daisy" was derived from "daes eage," an Anglo Saxon term. A daisy was called "daes eage" or "day's eye" because these flowers open during the day and close during the night.

What Do Daisies Symbolize?
The ancient Romans explain the origins of the daisy with a myth involving Vertumnus, the god of gardens and trees. Vertumnus, like many Roman gods, had an eye for beautiful women. One day, he saw Belides, an innocent wood nymph, dancing with other nymphs. He wanted her, but she had no desire for him. In order to avoid Vertumnus, Belides turned herself into a bellis flower. Bellis is the scientific, or genus, name for daisies.

The Celtics also connected daisies with innocence. They believed that daisies came from the spirits of babies who had died during the birthing process. The daisy flowers grew in order to lighten their parents' grief.

Daisies have their place in Christianity. One legend has it that the daisy grew from the Virgin Mary's tears. In fact, daisies are sometimes used to symbolize Christ and the Virgin Mary. You will also see the daisy as a motif in artwork from the medieval period as a symbol of Christ's innocence when Christ was a child.

Another Christian legend describes how the wise men were looking for a sign of where the newborn Christ was located. When they saw groups of daisies near a stable, the wise men knew they had found Jesus as the daisies looked like the star that had led them to Bethlehem.

The Victorians had affections for daisies. Chanting, "He loves, he loves me not," while pulling a petal from a daisy originated during this time.

Today, the daisy continues to stand for innocence, purity and love.

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