What Do Red Roses Mean

Flowers not only add beauty to the world and scent the air with their fragrances, flowers also have hidden meanings. What do red roses mean?

What Do Red Roses Mean?
Red roses have been part of human lore for thousands of years. These roses have also had different meanings through the ages.

The ancients Greeks attributed the goddess of love, Aphrodite, with the creation of the red rose. One of Aphrodite's lovers, Adonis, who was apparently quite pleasant to the eye, spent two-thirds of the year with Aphrodite and one-third of the year with Persephone, the queen of the dead and symbol of fertility. Several years after this arrangement was made, Adonis was killed by a wild boar that he was hunting. As Aphrodite ran to him, she was scratched by a thorn. The rose, which had been white before, turned red.

Over time, Aphrodite evolved into the Roman goddess, Venus. One myth follows the Greek explanation of how the red rose came to be. Another has the tears that Venus shed over Adonis turning white roses red. On the other hand, Cupid may have made red roses after poured a glass of wine on a rose. Romans associated red roses with lust.

For early Christians, red roses were the symbol of Christ's blood during the crucifixion. In addition, red roses symbolized the martyrdom of those who lost their lives because of their Christian faith.

Red roses also came to symbolize political parties. The red rose, often held in hand, has been a symbol of socialism or social democracy since the beginning of the twentieth century. It's a protest against poverty, both economic and spiritual. The color red symbolizes economic poverty while the rose itself symbolizes poverty of the spirit.

You have received a bouquet of long stemmed red roses. You know what this means. Today, red roses are symbols of love. Red roses combined with other colored roses have a richer meaning. For example, red and white roses combined together indicate unity while red and yellow roses combined together mean happiness. 

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