Perennials for Every Season

The most difficult task in designing  your garden is making sure you have a succession of blooms for every season. Even experienced gardens have difficulty bringing in and maintaining the color and texture needed to create an esthetically pleasing garden that will last throughout the growing seasons. Therefore, many gardens are usually designed to burst into bloom and color for only one season.

Ultimately, the garden we want to create is one filled with texture, color, and blooms throughout all the growing seasons. The first thing you want to do as a gardener, is decide which season you will spend the most time in your garden enjoying the fruits of your labor. Maybe it's the burst of colorful blooms that only hours of summer sunshine can bring or it could be the textures and colors that begin to show as the cooler weather of fall comes in. Whatever your choice, zero in on those perennials that flourish during those seasons.

When choosing your perennials make sure they are long lasting and offer a variety of height and texture. Decide your color scheme before purchasing or planting. Do you want to stay within a specific color family or have different colors complement each other? These choices should be made in advance to avoid costly mistakes. Remember to include plants with colorful foliage that can fill and bring some color into your garden when other blooms are fading. 

Choose your perennials carefully considering bloom time, size, height, and color. This will make maintenance easier and offer a greater variety throughout the seasons. It is important to consider all the characteristics of your perennials to ensure they are a right fit for your garden.

Although perennials offer years of beauty and low maintenance, you may also want to consider adding bulbs or annuals to your garden. These can help you easily achieve  all season color that  may be lacking in your garden. They can give your garden an boost of color  when your perennials have finished flowering and your late bloomers have yet to peak.

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As the growing season winds down, there's a lot to do to help your perennials overwinter and be ready for next spring's growth.

Joe Pye Weed and Snakeroot plants are a late-summer/early fall bloomer and one of the few flower plants that like shade. These plants also attract butterflies and bees to your garden.

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Perennial asters are tough, hardy plants that provide beautiful fall color. Asters are easier to grow than mums are and more likely to survive the winter, even when planted in full bloom in the fall. There are many varieties of asters that will suit any sunny garden, from formal to naturalized.

Growing Hibiscus is an easy way to bring big color to your garden. 

Now I am sure you are asking, "Why would I want to know about Joe Pye Weeds" Well, it is a wild flower that is also known as a 'Trumpet weed' or 'Queen of the Meadow'. It is North American native perennial herb from southern Canada to Florida and from there west to Texas.

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