Care of Snapdragons

Taking care of snapdragons is an easy garden task. These traditional garden plants produce numerous spikes of blooms in a wide range of colors. Typically grown as annuals, snapdragons can be grown from seed or bought as nursery grown starter plants.

Take Care Of The Snapdragons In Your Garden

Snapdragons are available in sizes ranging from 8 to 36 inches tall. There are even trailing snapdragons you can grow along a rock wall or fence. Whatever snapdragons you choose, you'll end up with hardy plants that produce dozens of blooms on long slender flower spikes. Taking care of snapdragons is simple. Here's how to get started:

  • When to plant. Snapdragons generally don't do well in the heat of summer. In cool climate zones, snapdragons should be planted just after the last hard frost. In warmer climate zones, snapdragons can be planted in early fall and will bloom into late fall and early winter. Spring planted snapdragons can be cut back at the height of summer and will often re-bloom when the weather begins to cool.
  • Using snapdragons in the garden. Snapdragons are a flexible garden classic and can have many uses. Dwarf snapdragons reach a height of 8 inches and are perfect for the front of flowerbeds. Medium plants grow from 12 to 30 inches and fit well in any sunny location. Tall snapdragons can reach over 36 inches, making them perfect at the back of your flowerbed. Taller varieties will need to be staked as they grow to support the top-heavy flower stems.
  • Care and feeding. You'll get the most out of your snapdragons by planting them in well-drained soil and keeping the soil moist (but not damp) throughout the growing season. Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer about every three to six weeks to promote flowering and a bushy growth habit.
  • Keep the blooms coming. You can extend the bloom period of snapdragons by cutting flower stems for use in floral arrangements or by removing stems as the blooms fade. Deadheading your snapdragons will produce several new flower stalks that may be smaller than the originals, but no less attractive.
  • Handling cut flowers. If you're cutting snapdragon flowers for floral arrangements, remove lower foliage and re-cut stem ends under water before placing in a vase. Flower can last about a week and you can extend the life of your blooms by adding one teaspoon of sugar and three drops of bleach to a gallon of water before using the water to fill you vase.
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Snapdragon flower facts might surprise you. These Mediterranean natives produce dozens of blooms on long flower stalks. Snapdragons appreciate lots of sun, but wilt in extreme heat, making them a good spring and fall plant.

Growing snapdragons like a pro is not as difficult as you might imagine. This classic flower adds easy elegance to any flowerbed.

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Deadheading snapdragons is a classic trick for increasing the blooming period of these flowers. Maintaining the flower spikes on snapdragons is a small price to pay for months of beautiful blooms.

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