Snapdragon Flower Facts

Interested in snapdragon flower facts? Snapdragons are typically grown as annuals or short-lived perennials. These Mediterranean natives produce dozens of blooms on long flower stalks. Snapdragons appreciate lots of sun, but wilt in extreme heat, making them a good spring and fall plant.

Snapdragon Flower Facts To Amaze Your Friends!

  • Snapdragon lore. According to ancient accounts, it was believed that snapdragons had otherworldly powers that could offer protection from witchcraft. It was also thought that snapdragons could restore youth and beauty to women.
  • Rust never sleeps. Culturally, snapdragons are very susceptible to the disease rust. Rust is a fungal growth that appears as brown or orange spots on the foliage of the infected plant. Newer varieties of snapdragons have been developed that are up to 90% rust resistant. These plants are labeled as "rust resistant"-original, right?
  • Pick your size. Snapdragon plants are available in three sizes: "dwarf"-6 to 8 inches tall, "medium" (sometimes called intermediate)-15 to 30 inches tall and "tall"-over 30 inches tall. Snapdragons are also available in trailing varieties that grow low to the ground.
  • Shut your mouth! The name "snapdragon" stems from the fact that squeezing the throat of the flower causes the petal "lips" to open with a snapping sound. The Latin name for snapdragons-Antirrhinum-means "nose like" and refers to the shape of the flowers.
  • Garden bad boys. Snapdragons naturalize easily and there are large populations of wild snapdragons growing in Europe and other areas outside the native range of the plant. The tendency for snapdragons to naturalize makes it easy to collect and save seeds.
  • The birds and the bees. Snapdragons are perfect additions to an insect-friendly garden. Snapdragons are attractive to butterflies and especially bees, which cover themselves in pollen as they feed on snapdragon flowers.
  • How pretty! Snapdragons are popular as cut flowers and will stay fresh in a vase for a week to 10 days. The wide variety of bloom colors available makes it easy to coordinate snapdragons with other plants in floral arrangements.
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