Getting Rid of Ladybugs

If you've ever had an indoor infestation, getting rid of ladybugs can become your number one priority. Ladybugs (actually, Asian lady beetles) become a problem in the fall when the weather turns cold. The little girls (and guys) are just looking for a warm home. Make sure it's not yours.

Getting Rid Of Ladybugs Means Prevention

The ladybugs that swarm your house in the fall are actually Asian lady beetles that were originally imported to this country to eat tree-destroying aphids. Although ladybugs still perform this function, a lack of natural predators has led the population to swell, making natural over-wintering sites too crowded.

That's where you come in. Like most misguided government programs, the average citizen is left to clean up the mess. Ladybugs seek shelter when the weather turns cold. Unfortunately, the cracks in your home's exterior might as well have tiny welcome mats, because that is where lady bugs come when they need a place to hibernate. An ounce of prevention will limit your lady bug aggravation. Here are some ways to keep lady bugs out:

  • Button up. Although lady bugs can get through some pretty tiny cracks, it's worth the effort to inspect and repair any gaps, cracks or holes around all windows and doors. If you don't keep out ladybugs, at least you'll lower your energy bill.
  • Moats are nice. Repelling lady bugs before they get in can be accomplished by spraying windowsills and doorways with a pyrethrum-based pesticide. Food grade diatomaceous earth, sprinkled around the foundation of your house will is another good deterrent.

The Call Is Coming From In The House!

Okay, you've tried the whole touchy-feely-be-nice-to-bugs thing and you still have lady bugs in the house. What now? Once bugs are in your house, they'll look for a nice quiet place to settle in for the winter-don't give it to them! A light spray of watered down camphor or menthol will drive lady bugs out into the open. Be ready with your vacuum and suck them up at will.

If you're the sympathetic type, you might want to release lady bugs into the wild. If so, start with a clean vacuum bag. Once you've sucked up your infestation, immediately remove the bag and take it outside. Lady bugs will quickly find their way out of your vacuum if you wait around. Otherwise, seal the vacuum bag in a plastic bag and dispose of it with the rest of the trash.

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