The Importance of Emergency Preparedness Plans

You can't underestimate the importance of emergency preparedness. An emergency can strike at any time. Are you prepared?

Emergencies are the Real Deal
The Federal Emergency Management Agency reports that disasters interrupt thousands of lives each year. The resulting chaos affects not only people. Property damage, ranging from loss of belongings to the destruction of a dwelling, adversely affects anyone in the midst of a disaster.

The Importance of Planning
When the emergency alert arrives, you need to be prepared. Having an emergency plan in place can lessen the fear of the unknown as well as any personal losses that may be incurred. Knowing what community resources are available is a good first step toward preparedness. If severe weather strikes, do you and family members know where to seek shelter? If you need to vacate your residence, are you aware of emergency shelter sites?

Regional Potential for Disaster
Another important step in emergency preparedness involves knowing how to respond to specific emergencies that could naturally occur in your area. Realizing potential dangers for your home and reducing the potential for problems may help avoid damage. For example, if you live in a flood plain, taking steps to flood proof your house may alleviate significant losses.

A Kit for Survival
After taking precautions to prevent extreme damage to your home, you should also prepare an emergency kit. This guarantees you and your family will have items necessary for basic survival. Include a three-day supply of water and food, blankets, first aid supplies, prescription medication, radio, flashlight and batteries, and hygiene items. Check your emergency kit every six months to make sure food items and medicine aren't outdated.

Being prepared for an emergency makes sense. Formulating a plan and sharing that plan with family members is an important step.

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