How to Fatten Chickens

Wondering how to fatten chickens? Chickens destined for the dinner table can be fattened through proper and timely feeding. Fattening works best with younger chickens around three to four months old. It takes only about a month of fattening for chickens to reach table size.

How To Fatten Chickens For The Dinner Table

  • Summer spread. Chickens put on the most weight when they receive plenty of food during the growing season. This means you should keep your flock well fed during the summer months, when they'll put on the most weight.
  • Bred for success. The type of chicken you choose to fatten can enhance your success. In general, you want to avoid big-boned breeds or breeds with long legs and narrow chests. Plymouth Rock, Wyandotte, Rhode Island Red and Buff Orpington breeds can all be fattened successfully.
  • A bit cramped. In order for chickens to put on weight, you'll need to restrict their movement. Keep chickens to be fattened in separate crates, allowing them out only to feed. Excess movement will cause your chickens to burn calories instead of storing them.
  • A simple recipe. Chickens are best fattened by feeding them a ground meal composed of two parts oats two parts buck wheat and one part corn. These grains should be roughly ground or chopped and mixed together to create the chicken's feed.
  • Got milk? Skim milk or buttermilk are good sources of protein that will help chickens fatten. Milk can be mixed with ground meal (two parts milk to three parts meal) to create a thin porridge, or milk can be given to chickens to drink.
  • On schedule. To begin fattening chickens, they should be feed lightly, three times a day for the first week. After the first week, the chickens should be fed as much as they'll eat twice a day. Your chickens should be given water after every meal and grit two or three times a week. After four weeks, the chickens should be plump and ready for the table.
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