How to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Saving money on your electric bill can be accomplished easily by making just a few lifestyle changes. These don't have to be drastic. Even small adjustments in household habits can result in a significant amount of cost savings. Besides, if you're serious about saving money, you'll be motivated to shake things up a little.

Turn it off

The most obvious way to save money on an electric bill is to turn off lights and other devices that use electricity when you're not using them. If you're not in the habit, this can be a really hard step. It is so much more convenient to keep everything on as you move about the home. However, regularly turning off lights and unplugging small appliances can save a great deal of money in the long run.

Conducting a household inventory also can save money on your electric bill. Some appliances-perhaps your water heater, refrigerator and washing machine or dryer-may be due for replacement. Most products older than 10 years become increasingly energy-inefficient, especially when compared to the newest models. Shop for energy-wise appliances to replace them. Consider drying clothes on a line (either strung up in your garage, basement or bathroom, or outside if the weather and your zoning codes permit).

Purchase surge protector extension outlets that let you flip one switch to turn off several electronics. Count the number of incandescent light bulbs you use, and start switching them out with LED or compact fluorescent bulbs. These use much less energy.

Check your thermostat

One of the biggest cost culprits when it comes to a high electric bill is heating and cooling. Adjusting comfort levels by just a few degrees can make a major difference in helping you save money on your electric bill. The dollars you recoup each month will add up to a nice savings at the end of the year.

Many long-term solutions, too, can help you save money on your electric bill. Consider investing in products like attic fans or whole-house fans instead of running your air-conditioner all summer. If your family uses little hot water, some new wall-mounted water heaters can make a nice dent in your high electric bill. In addition, an increasing number of solar products on the market can run different household devices and cut down on overall energy costs.

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