Changing Your Ceiling Fan Direction Each Season

Not everyone is aware that it is ideal to change ceiling fan direction depending on the season. The direction in which your ceiling fans turn can play a part in their efficiency and effectiveness.

Ceiling fans can help lower your home's energy costs by circulating the air in your home. Although the fan doesn't actually change the air temperature, it does affect how quickly moisture evaporates on your skin, changing the feel of the air temperature.

The forward motion of a ceiling fan is counterclockwise. This is the direction your ceiling fan should operate in during summer months; using a ceiling fan the right way can make the temperature in your home feel up to seven degrees cooler.  Keep your ceiling fan on high during the summer for optimum performance. This will create a downdraft by moving the air in your home.

In the winter your ceiling fan should turn the opposite way (clockwise). This allows the warm air in your home which has risen to be circulated throughout the room the fan is in. In the winter you should keep your fan on a lower speed to avoid cooling the circulating air.

You should also run your fan in reverse (clockwise) whenever you want to avoid a direct breeze on the people or objects below it. If you wish to keep a room cool while still avoiding a direct air flow, run the fan in reverse on a higher speed. It's not quite as effective as running the fan in forward motion, but it will make a difference in the room's temperature.

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