Gas Fireplace Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting a gas fireplace shouldn't cause you to break out in a cold sweat. There are only a few areas where you might spot trouble. After that, you're better off calling a qualified service professional-a faulty gas appliance is not worth taking a chance on.

Quickly Troubleshooting A Gas Fireplace

Got gas? It might seem simple, but a limited or missing gas supply could be the cause of your troubles. Make sure the gas supply valve is turned to the on position. Typically, this means turning the handle so it lines up with the gas supply pipe. If you have a liquid propane (LP) system, make sure there is plenty of gas in your tank.

Ground control to pilot light. Many problems with starting a gas fireplace have to do with the pilot light. First of all, make sure the pilot light is lit-look for a small, blue flame near the base of the gas fireplace unit. No flame? Set the pilot light valve to the PILOT position, press it in and hold it for 30 seconds. With the valve pressed in, push the restart button and look for a spark and flame. If you don't see a spark, you may have electrical problems with the pilot light control unit.

Light, but no heat. If the pilot light is on, but the main burner won't turn on, make sure the pilot light valve is set from PILOT to ON. Next, check to make sure the thermostat is set to ON and the temperature is at a setting higher than the current room temperature. Finally, check to make sure that the thermocouple is clean and adjusted properly. The thermocouple is a small sensor that sits in the pilot light flame. The top 1/8" of the thermocouple should sit in the body of the pilot light flame and the sensor should be free of dust, dirt or debris.

Through the glass, darkly. If the glass front of your gas fireplace is sooty, it could be a sign of a venting problem. Check to see if the fireplace logs have been moved or become misaligned. Also, check to see if the venting for your gas fireplace is blocked or obstructed by soot or dirt. You may have to hire a professional to resolve venting issues.

The cavalry. If these simple fixes can't resolve your gas fireplace troubleshooting issues, don't hesitate to call a professional. Faulty gas appliance can cause serious damage or injury if not properly repaired.

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