How Does a Gas Fireplace Work

They look almost real, but how does a gas fireplace work? Cleaner and more efficient than a wood burning fireplace, gas fireplaces are popular in new home and remodel construction. In many instances, a gas fireplace can even replace an existing wood fireplace.

How Does A Gas Fireplace Work So Well?
Abundant fuel. As the name implies, a gas fireplace is fueled by gas. While the majority of gas fireplaces use natural gas for their fuel, many can are designed or can be adjusted to use liquid propane. The gas is fed to the fireplace unit via a supply line that can be controlled with a shut off valve.

This is your pilot. A gas fireplace unit typically depends on a pilot light. Much like on a gas stove or hot water heater, the pilot light is s small flame that burns continuously to ignite the gas flow when the unit is turned on. To save on fuel costs, the pilot light can be shut off when the gas fireplace is idle for extended periods of time.

A magic flame. When your gas fireplace is turned on, one or more metal burners produce flame. The flame height can be adjusted to alter the look and amount of heat produced by the gas fireplace. As the flame leaves the burner, it typically is fed through a set of ceramic logs. These heatproof logs are sculpted to look like real burning logs. Chunked mineral fibers are also sprinkled around the base of the logs. These fibers glow when heated, producing the look of a wood fire embers in the fireplace.

The flip of a switch. A gas fireplace can be turned on and off by pressing a button near the hearth, flipping a wall switch or using a remote control just like a TV or stereo. The simplicity of use is one of the main selling points of a gas fireplace.

Healthy venting. There are a number of venting options when it comes to installing a gas fireplace, including natural venting (similar to the venting in a traditional wood fireplace), direct venting (which allows for installation without a chimney) and ventless (used with high efficiency units that produce few exhaust gasses).

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