Drying Parsley

Drying parsley makes it easy to have the herb on hand whenever you need it, days from now or months from now. Parsley is one of the more commonly used herbs in a lot of recipes. Whether you grow your own parsley or you buy it from the grocery store, drying parsley is a great way to keep parsley in your house for months.

The first thing you should do is pick your parsley. Wash it, making sure that you rinse any remaining dirt and pesticides or chemicals that may have been used during the growing process.

Some people simply choose to let parsley air dry at this point. This is fine but you need to be careful. It can take awhile and sometimes the parsley can get a bit moldy. The best way to let parsley air dry is to hang it. You can bunch the parsley together using string or twine and hang it from a tack or hook.

You can also use a dehydrator to dry the parsley. To do this place the parsley on a tray and put it into the dehydrator.

Other people choose to microwave parsley to dry it. Put it in the microwave for thirty seconds then turn them over and microwave it for another thirty seconds. You could also use the oven. Put the parsley in the oven at 180 degrees for several hours, monitoring the parsley to make sure that it doesn't overdry.

Keep in mind that drying parsley can damage the integrity of the herb. Flavor may be a little bit altered, though it isn't bad. Drying parsley may also affect some of the health benefits of the parsley. Your best bet is to use parsley right away and dry and preserve whatever you simply cannot use within a few days.

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