Freezing Parsley

Freezing parsley will allow you to keep fresh parsley in your kitchen for a long period of time. You'll be able to use the parsley for several months, although it may not be quite as fresh as it would be were it newly cut. Here are some tips on how to freeze parsley to best preserve it for later use.

An easy and durable way to freeze parsley is to do so in plastic ice cube trays. This is actually a great way to freeze many herbs. It is easy to do, convenient for later use and preserves much of the integrity of the herbs.

When you're growing parsley and the season is almost over for it, it's time to cut it and freeze it so you can use it in the months of the off-season. Pick it or cut it and wash it. You should wash it extra carefully if you've bought your parsley from a grocery store because you don't know what kinds of pesticides or other chemicals have been used to grow it. Remove excess water from the parsley with a paper towel, then let the parsley air dry. It's easiest to chop your parsley before you freeze it. It will save you time later and be more convenient when it comes time to cook.

Place the chopped parsley into the pockets of an ice tray and top off each pocket with a little bit of water. The idea is to create a parsley-dense ice cube rather than an ice cube with a spot of parsley.

Once the parsley ice cubes have frozen, pop them out of the ice cube trays and store them. Heavy-duty plastic bags work well for this. Use a permanent marker to note the type of herb as well as the date that it was frozen on it. Now you'll have parsley for the next time a recipe calls it.

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