Do-It-Yourself Dryer Repair

The key to do-it-yourself dryer repair is to know what you can tackle and what you should leave to the professionals. Some types of dryer repairs can be dangerous, so do what you can on your own, but don't hesitate to consult a professional if the do-it-yourself fixes don't work.

Always Unplug the Dryer
When you're attempting to diagnose a dryer problem, always unplug the dryer or turn off the circuit breaker before attempting any diagnostic procedures. Dryers are serious appliances that deal with a lot of electricity; they can be very dangerous if you attempt to diagnose them live. The first rule of do-it-yourself dryer repair is to be safe and disable power to the machine before doing any tinkering.

Electric Dryer Doesn't Generate Heat
If your dryer doesn't generate heat, you could be looking at a number of problems. The easiest solution is to check for a blown fuse. Check your dryer's fuses, and if you find a defective fuse, replace it. Otherwise, the problems that cause a dryer not to heat require a voltmeter and replacing defective dryer parts. Unless you're really experienced in working with electrical products, you should leave that to the professionals.

Gas Dryer Doesn't Heat
When a gas dryer doesn't heat, the problem may start with the glow coil. To check on the glow coil, carefully open the burner access door and then run the dryer. If the dryer runs but the glow coil never lights up or heats, the glow coil is probably your issue. Follow manufacturer's instructions, which vary from model to model, to replace the glow coil.

Drum Isn't Spinning
This could be a simple fix or a complicated issue. Most of the time, if the drum isn't spinning, it's a simple matter of replacing a broken belt. In other cases, there may be a roller under the drum that has broken. You could also have a bad motor, in which case you'd need to secure dryer replacement parts and may want to hire a professional.

Dryer Gets too Hot
House fires caused by defective dryers aren't uncommon. If your dryer gets too hot, stop using it and check it immediately for problems. First, check the lint trap. Clear any fuzz or buildup from the lint trap. If the lint trap is clear, check the vent on the outside of your home for lint buildup. If both the trap and the vent are clear, you may have a bad thermostat or heating coils and should consult a professional.

Dryer Won't Start
When your dryer won't start, the first thing to do is check the power. Make sure the dryer is securely plugged into the outlet, and that the fuse or circuit for the outlet isn't blown. If the dryer is receiving power but still won't start, the problem could be in several other places, all of which require a voltmeter and replacement parts, so you should consult a professional.

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