How to Install Dryer Cord

Learning how to install a dryer cord can save you money and keep your laundry room safe. A worn or damaged cord is an invitation to an electrical fire, and changing this cord yourself could save you plenty of money over having a repairperson do the job.

How To Install A Dryer Cord Simply

  • Get disconnected. Before you begin any work on an electrical appliance, make sure the power cord is disconnected from the wall. For extra safety, unplug the cord and wind it up well away from the outlet.
  • Open up in there! Where the cord enters the back of the dryer, you'll find a metal plate cover the electrical connection. Remove the plate and set it aside, making sure to keep all fasteners with the plate so you don't misplace them.
  • Mapping the area. Stick a piece of masking tape to the back of the dryer above the electrical connection area. With a marker, label the tape with the colors of the wires currently connected to the dryer's electrical connector. Typically, the connector will have three terminals: red and black (hot) terminals will be on the outside and the white (neutral) terminal will be in the center. If you have a four-wire cord, the green (ground) terminal will be attached to the body of the dryer.
  • Removing the old cord. Disconnect the wires for the old cord from the terminals of the electrical connector. Loosen the strain relief bracket around the old cord-it'll look like a clamp around the cord-and pull the cord from the back of the dryer.
  • Installing the new cord. Insert the new cord into the hole in the back of the dryer and connect the wires to the matching terminals, using the map you've taped to the back of the dryer. Re-attach the strain relief bracket as it was originally installed and replace the electrical cover plate.
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