Washing Machine Troubleshooting Vibration Solutions

Do you need a few washing machine vibration solutions that will keep your appliance from walking across the room? Here are a few that will actually work.

Washing Machine Vibration Solutions That Work
During the spin cycle, your washing machine motor spins the drum at several hundred revolutions per minute. The centrifugal force generated by this spinning can be powerful enough to make your machine "walk" across the floor. Here are some ways to control washing machine vibrations:

  • Balance the load. When you put clothes into the washing machine, make sure to distribute them evenly around the tub. Sheets, towels and other heavy things should be balance by several lighter items on the other side of the tub. If you hear heavy banging during the spin cycle, open the washing machine and re-arrange your clothes right away.
  • On the level. Periodically check to see that your washing machine is level both front to back and side-to-side. Most machines have adjustable feet to account for floors that are out of level. Make sure to use a carpenter's level and don't try to make adjustments by sight.
  • No extra parts. Most washing machines are shipped with metal restraining clips installed to keep moving parts steady during transport. If these clips aren't removed, the vibration dampening elements of your washing machine won't work correctly. If your newly installed washing machine is noisy or vibrates, use the manual to confirm that all shipping hardware has been removed.
  • Check the shocks. Washing machines often use a spring or wire-based system to control excess movement and vibration. Inspecting these parts periodically for wear or damage can help keep your machine quiet and stable. Your owner's manual will show you how to open the back of your washing machine to allow for inspection of these parts.
  • Absorb vibrations. Several third party products can help to reduce vibration noise. These products typically use rubber, either as a pad that fits under the entire machine or as disks that fit under the machine's feet. The rubber absorbs the washing machine's vibrations before they can be transmitted to the floor.
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