How to Kill Fire Ants

Learning how to kill fire ants can help you rid your house and property of them. Fire ants are one of the most intrusive types of ants, in part because of the pain they can inflict when they bite. Of course, killing fire ants is never a pleasant task. Here are some tips to help you kill the first ants in your home or property.

Lye soap is a great way to kill fire ants, while also being environmentally friendly. To use lye soap for this purpose, melt one half bar with five gallons of water and pour this onto the fire ant mound. You may first want to circle the mound with the solution to keep the ants from escaping. This will instantly kill the fire ants. Some people also use boiling water for similar results.

You can try digging the ants up and moving them. This is best to do right before it rains, when the water will get rid of the scent of the colony, making it difficult or impossible for the ants to find their way back. One thing to keep in mind when doing this is that you don't want to be attacked by the fire ants. Wear protective clothing and if you're throwing them, make sure you're doing so downwind.

As with other ants, some natural spices and herbs have been found to repel fire ants. One of these is spearmint. Fire ants don't like spearmint and will leave any area where there is spearmint.

Try to avoid using fire ant baits. These affect not only fire ants, but other animals as well, including birds.

Something to keep in mind when killing fire ants on your property is that you don't want to kill all types of ants. Other types of ants that live near fire ants help to control the fire ant population, in part because they reduce their food supply. Be careful that you are killing only fire ants or else you may end up with far more fire ants than you started with.

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