Boric Acid for Carpenter Ants Removal

Perhaps you've heard that removing carpenter ants with boric acid is a fairly simple way to rid your home of the annoying insects but you aren't sure where to start. 

There are a variety of ways you can use boric acid to get rid of carpenter ants. One is known as boric acid liquid bait. To make this bait, mix one teaspoon of boric acid with two and a half ounces of corn syrup. Heat this over the stove until the boric acid dissipates. Mix this with water and spread it over areas where you commonly see the ants. This takes roughly two weeks to work, but is pretty effective.

Another boric acid bait solution that you can try includes boric acid powder and sugar. The sweetness of the sugar may work better than the corn syrup. This solution includes three cups of hot water, one cup of sugar and four teaspoons of the boric acid powder. You can pour a little bit of this solution onto a small, shallow dish; something that ants will be able to easily come in contact with. A piece of cotton can make this easier, and can get more ants to come in contact with the liquid.

Some people choose to use these boric acid baits in conjunction with pesticide sprays. The idea in this scenario is to spray the pesticide into the entrance of the nest and put the baits near the nest. There are several problems with this; you may not be able to get the pesticide deep enough into the nest and the ants may be able to survive the attack.

Always make sure to keep boric acid away from children and pets. It is very dangerous for them to come into contact with boric acid.

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