Where Do Flying Ants Come From

Where do flying ants come from? Flying ants are one of the most frustrating insects there is. Flying ants have all of the annoying characteristics of the standard ant, and are also able to fly, making them more difficult to deal with than typical ants. Here is a quick rundown on where flying ants come from.

Flying ants are an unfortunate necessity to the survival of all ants. They are the fertile ants that reproduce new members of the colony. They can be either male or female. In fact, at the end of summer, each ant colony produces hundreds of flying ants at a time. Male worker ants cannot reproduce and female wingless ants are unable to mate. Without the flying ant, ant colonies would disappear.

To mate, the flying ants leave the nest and the colony where they come from. They leave together in a swarm. Unfortunately for the flying ant, this cloud of ants has a tendency to attract the attention of predators, such as birds. The female flying ants and male flying ants do travel together, but the males are smaller and much harder to see than the females. Sometimes the flying ants mate with ants from other colonies. They mate in the air. Afterward, the male flying ant dies, falling to the ground. The female flying ant loses her wings shortly after mating and will start a new ant colony where she will be the new ant queen.

Flying ants are often confused with termites, but they are actually quite different. It's not just their function that varies; flying ants also look different. This is especially noticeable if you get very close to the flying ants and are able to compare.

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