How to Catch a Bat

Forget how it got in-you want to know how to catch a bat once it's inside your house. Bats often wander into homes looking for a warm place to rest and become trapped inside. Believe it or not, it's just as scary for the bat as it is for you!

How To Catch A Bat In Your Home

  • Think safety. Before you attempt to catch a bat, put on long pants and a long sleeved shirt. Also, find and wear a pair of heavy gloves. A normally docile bat will bite if upset and threatened-like when it's being chased around a house by a giant human. Gloves and protective clothing will keep you safe from a potentially nasty bite.
  • An escape route. To begin, close all of the doors and windows in the room to contain the bat, but leave one window open. The bat may sense this route to the outside and leave on his own. If not, continue to observe the bat and note where it lands. Once it lands, you have a couple of options for catching the bat.
  • A horizontal bat. If the bat lands on the floor or another horizontal surface, you can catch it by tossing a towel or it. The bat will be unable to fly away and you can quickly gather the towel around the bat and escort it outside. Don't assume the towel will be enough protection from bites-continue to wear gloves and protective clothing.
  • A vertical bat. If the bat lands on a vertical surface, use a small container like a box, vase or pitcher to cover the bat against the wall. Once you've captured the bat under the container, slide a stiff piece of cardboard between the wall and container to keep the bat in the container. With a firm grip on the cardboard, take the container outside and release the bat.
  • What about a bite? If the bat bites you as you attempt to capture it, you'll need to make sure it doesn't get away. Quickly close the window and resume your attempts to capture the bat. Once you've caught the bat, you'll need to take it to your local animal control or health department to have it tested for rabies.
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