Are Cockroaches Active During the Day

Are cockroaches active during the day? The answer is yes and no. Many people mistakenly think that because cockroaches are typically nocturnal, they shun all natural and artificial light. This isn't true; there are some occasions where a cockroach will explore during the daylight hours.

Daytime Exploring
As nocturnal creatures, cockroaches prefer to come out in large numbers at night to feed. Given the right circumstances, they will leave their nests during the daytime.

A cockroach will come out of hiding during the day to explore its surroundings if the area where it lives is very quiet. In addition, cockroaches feel a sense of safety in numbers and may come out during daylight hours if there is a large amount of roaches in one location.

Since cockroaches are attracted to water, the most common place they are found during the day is congregating under the sink near the pipes, or by the bathtub and toilet. An exterminator will often target these areas when trying to eliminate a roach infestation.

For the most part, cockroaches prefer to remain hidden in the daytime.  Some of their favorite hiding spots are under appliances, below garbage cans and wedged into tiny cracks and crevices. Kitchen cupboards are perfect hiding place, as are damp, dark closets. They will even crawl into the shoes and clothes stored in a closet.

A Light-Loving Cockroach
The Asian Cockroach is one of the few species that is attracted to light. Much like a moth, this cockroach will seek out light sources like lamps and flutter by them. It is the only species of cockroach known to behave this way.



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