How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches With Crushed Bay Leaf

Cockroaches are a subject many don?'t want to tackle. These household insects jet out from dark corners of the house and occupy the dark corners of many people?'s minds even if they have never experienced an insect infestation. However, if you find yourself living where cockroaches are a real problem, you can use a simple natural remedy for cockroach pest control and put these pesky household insects out of your home. Crushed bay leaves work best when you don?'t have a large infestation, but are interested in repelling wayward cockroaches who are thinking about taking up residence in your home and becoming a larger pest control issue.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches With Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are something most people associate with soups. However, bay leaves may warm you in a different manner if they rid your home of troublesome cockroaches and assist you in pest control. Cockroaches are repelled by a chemical in bay leaves called cinemole. Cockroaches are so put off by the cinemole oil that they usually won?'t cross a line of crushed bay leaves. Here?'s how to use crushed bay leaves for pest control of cockroaches in your home or apartment:

  • Crush bay leaves to release the cinemole oil. Use your hands, or a mortar and pestle, but leave the bay leaves partially intact, do not create a powder.
  • Spread the crushed leaves in a thin layer at the base of cabinets and outside other places cockroaches may be hiding.
  • Spread crushed bay leaves in the back of cabinets to make sure the bay leaves don?'t just repel these household insects back into the cabinet.

Once you have created a barrier with crushed bay leaves you may want to consider glue traps, or similar chemical free pest control methods to eradicate the cockroaches from your home entirely.  The crushed bay leaves and cinemole will repel cockroaches but that just means you have diverted these household pests elsewhere. If you have just one or two cockroaches, crushed bay leaf will suffice in ridding your home of the cockroaches by creating an unfriendly environment. However, bay leaf will not kill cockroaches.

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