How to Kill Fleas in Carpet

You may be desperate to learn how to kill fleas in a carpet, but don't freak out. Ridding your carpet of fleas can be easily accomplished if you're persistent and patient. You'll need to kill fleas at every stage of development to free your carpets of this tenacious pest.

How To Kill Fleas In Your Carpet

  • The cycle of aggravation. The first thing you need to know as you learn to kill fleas in a carpet is that it won't happen overnight. Adult fleas lay eggs that can take up to two weeks to hatch. Once hatched, the larvae can take up to 200 days to mature into annoying ankle biters. This long life cycle means that you'll have to kill not only the annoying adults, but the eggs and larvae as well. Take a deep breath and settle in for a long fight.
  • Holistic destruction. Flea eggs can be deposited anywhere your pet visits. That means you'll not only need to treat the carpet, but your pet's bedding and any other surfaces where she sits or lays.
  • This sucks. The first step to killing fleas in a carpet is to vacuum early and often. One pass probably won't net all of the adults, eggs and larvae that might be lurking. Every time you vacuum, you'll need to dispose of the bag or empty the canister to get rid of flea eggs that might hatch later. If you're frugal, seal the vacuum bag in a plastic bag and place the plastic bag in the freezer overnight-the cold will kill fleas at any stage and you can then reuse the vacuum bag.
  • A sprinkle a day… Next, you'll want to sprinkle your carpets with a desiccating agent like table salt or diatomaceous earth (DE). These substance cut through the exoskeleton of insect and cause them to die of dehydration. Look for natural or ground DE at garden centers or food supply stores. Sprinkle the desiccating agent on your carpets and let them sit over night. In the morning, vacuum the carpets to remove any residue. Make sure to keep pets and children off the carpets until they've been cleaned.
  • The final solution. Finally, you can rent a steam cleaner and clean your carpets with a mixture water and borax. Borax particles left behind will inhibit the hatching of any eggs left behind from your earlier efforts.
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