Home Remedies for Fruit Flies

Home remedies for fruit flies will help you rid your home of these nasty bugs in a green manner.

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are insects that measure about one-eighth of an inch long and, if you were to able to look very closely, most have red eyes. Fruit flies feast on the yeast and byproducts of fermentation that fruits and vegetables go through as produce spoils.

Fruit flies have a very short life span, about one week, but are highly productive during that time. Females may lay up to 500 eggs while they are alive.

This can make getting rid of a fruit fly infestation challenging. In addition, fruit flies don't need a lot of fermenting fruit to stay alive. In this case, a little can truly go a long way.

Home Remedies for Fruit Flies

Grow some basil in a pot and place it where you might encounter fruit flies, particularly if you see the monsters in sun-lit areas of your home. Not only will basil help repel fruit flies, the basil plant is pretty. You will also have the added advantage of using fresh basil when you cook.

Another herb that fruit flies don't like is lavender. Hang some bunches of dried lavender in your kitchen. Leave a saucer of lavender oil, including a small sponge, where these bugs like to hang out.

Fruit flies love alcohol. Why not help them have an extra sip? Put out a saucer that contains some white wine with a few soap flakes for their dining pleasure. They will drink, dine and die.

Be vigilant. Don't leave fruit out for long periods of time, no matter how pretty. Scrub away in your kitchen to get rid of any juices or peels that might hide in small cracks in your sink area. Make sure that your mops and sponges are clean and fresh. Wash out your trash can.

Get rid of those little beasts!

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