How to Get Rid of Flies

One pesky female fly has the ability to lay approximately 500 eggs during its 30-day life cycle. Flies transport germs and may transmit diseases like cholera, typhoid fever and dysentery. It is important to learn how to get rid of flies.

Keep them out

The first step in getting rid of flies is to make sure all of the windows in your home have screens that are in good shape. Seal any gaps around the windows with caulking or weather stripping. Keep the doors closed, and make sure they are closed quickly when a person enters or leaves the house.

Clean up after animals

Animal feces attract flies. Because of this, keep the back yard clean. Put the feces in a sealed bag or bury it. If you have house pets, keep the floors clean, and clean up after them immediately.

Fly paper

Fly paper is very sticky and comes in sheets or strips. Hang it in the sunshine and in an area that is free from breezes. The problem with fly paper is that it is unsightly.

Use plants

Certain plants repel flies and will keep them out of the house. Place them throughout the house. Venus Flytraps actually trap flies. Other houseplants that deter flies are lavender, mint, basil and false indigo.


Flies do not like things that reflect light. Hang plastic bags that are filled halfway with water or CDs near doorways where the sun can reflect off of them. Opinions vary as to the effectiveness of this method.

Trash cans

Purchase trash cans with lids that fit snuggly so flies cannot get inside. Even indoor trash cans should have lids on them. Keep the inside of the house and the area around the house free of decaying matter.

Fly trap

Hardware stores carry disposable fly traps. All that is necessary is to put water in it and set it outdoors. The trap has a hideous smell that attracts flies. You can make your own trap using a mixture of cornmeal and molasses.

Apple and cloves

An apple and cloves are a natural fly deterrent that works well. Apparently flies are attracted to the sweetness of the apple, but cannot stand the smell of cloves. Purchase one ripe apple of any kind. Take approximately 25 whole cloves and push them into the apple in an evenly spaced manner. Place the apple on a dish and leave it in an area where flies are a problem. It even works great outside on a picnic table.


Cleanliness is extremely important in getting rid of flies. Keep pet dishes clean, and keep the household dishes washed. Make sure trash cans are covered and no trash is on the outside of the can. Maintain the kitchen floor clean and free of crumbs.

Lavender-scented candles

Lavender-scented candles work well to repel flies if they are strongly scented. The best candles are the oil ones or the three-wick ones. The more smell they give off, the better they work. These can be used indoors or outside on a picnic table.

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