What Causes Fruit Flies

The right question might not exactly be "What causes fruit flies?" Better questions might be "What are fruit flies?" and "How did they get here?" And of course, "Now that they are here, how can I make them go away?"

What are Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies, or Drospophila melanoaster, are teeny, tiny flies about one-eighth of an inch long, including their wings. If you can get close to look at them, you would see insects that have a tan-black color and probably have red eyes. While these bugs have a rather short life span, about a week, females can lay up to 500 eggs during that time period.


So what causes fruit flies? Fruits and vegetables that are rotting attract fruit flies. Fruit flies' food of choice is yeast and byproducts, important components in the equation of what produce does when it rots. Ultimately, the produce ferments. Fruit flies have no use for fruits and vegetables that aren't at the very least ripe, at least in places.

How do these critters get into your house? They probably flew in the door, as the fruit and vegetables that you buy at the grocery stores are usually clean of eggs. However, it is possible to purchase produce that has been infested.

The problem is that once you have them, the causes of fruit flies can become immaterial. You need to wipe them out. Literally.

How Can You Get Rid of Fruit Flies?

Even if your house is clean, it may be difficult to eradicate fruit flies because these flies can continue to go through life cycles even if there is just a little bit of fermenting produce available to them. This means that they can continue to breed in your garbage disposal, in drains, on rags or in a trash can that needs cleaning. Finding where fruit flies are originating can be more challenging than you think. These bugs can live off of the fumes of alcohol.

Unfortunately, after you figure out where the bugs are breeding, you may have to do more than just clean the area thoroughly to ensure that the insects don't reemerge. You may have to use an aerosol insecticide to get rid of any remaining eggs and adult insects. Alternatively, you can try an electric bug zapper, fly paper or build your own fly traps.

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