Get Snakes Out of the House

Surprisingly, snakes are a common problem in homes. They are usually drawn into your house looking for food. Snakes can come into your home through small crevices and the spaces around pipes and electric wires. Snakes like to hide in attics, basements, woodpiles or under your house.

Snakes are typically afraid of people. They will hide so that most people never realize there are snakes in their house. Snakes only come into your house if there is something for them to eat. Snakes never come inside to bother people.


Of course, prevention is the best cure for snakes in the house. Snake repellents such as cedar oil, moth balls, sulfur, cayenne pepper spray or lime do not work. The best way to get rid of snakes in your home is to prevent them setting up residence in your home.

  • Keep your grass mowed and shrubbery trimmed around your house. Snakes in the grass will come inside your house looking for food. Also, move any rock piles near your house because snakes like to sun themselves in these areas.
  • Rid your home of all rodents and insects. Snakes survive on small rodents and insects. Snakes are attracted to areas with a rodent or insect populations.
  • Put dog food, wild bird food and grains in rubber or plastic containers with lids. Unsecured food will attract snakes into your house.
  • Caulk and seal all cracks and crevices in your house. Anything larger than 1/4-inch must be sealed in doors, windows, water pipes and electrical line areas.
  • Remove all trash from your house daily. Snakes are attracted to egg shells, meat wrappers, soiled diapers and other household trash.
  • Cover sewer vents on the roof, make sure you have properly sized screens on your windows and cover any fresh intake exhaust fans or openings.
  • Trim trees near your home. Tree snakes can slip from trees to your roof easily. Wooded areas near your home are probably inhabited with some type of snake. If you live near woods be especially on the alert for snakes coming into your home.

Snakes alive!

If you do find a snake in your home be very careful. Depending upon where you live, deadly snakes can come into your home. You might get bit by the snake if you try to kill it. The safest way to corner the snake is to put a trash can on top of it, then immediately call your pest control company.

The pest control folks are equipped to deal with snakes in your house. The pest control company will send someone to inspect your house for snakes and set snake traps. They will come check the traps for you until all the snakes are eliminated from your house. They will also give you suggestions about how to snake-proof your house.

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