Are Canvas Awnings Worth The Trouble

Canvas awnings have been around for centuries. Even the ancient Egyptians understood their benefits. Canvas awnings became a common fixture in the mid 19th century as consumer manufacturing became more commonplace and the sail making industry lost business to steam ships.

Today, canvas awnings face competition from synthetic and metal covered awnings. Although the basic concept behind the awning hasn't changed, the design and construction of awnings has certainly evolved. It's easy to see why canvas awnings are slipping in popularity when compared to alternative materials.

Inexpensive and Built to Stay that Way
Canvas awnings are the least expensive option when considering window or deck awnings. Awnings built with canvas material tend to use lightweight, less expensive materials for frames and mounting hardware.

If you're considering canvas awnings for an RV, then these factors might be something to consider. For full season outdoor use, a lightweight awning might not be the best choice.

Good Maintenance Equals Long Life
Unlike metal or synthetic awnings, canvas awnings require quite a bit of maintenance. Canvas awnings hold dirt and debris, requiring more frequent cleanings. To avoid mildew, canvas awnings must be completely dry before they can be stored.

With constant, diligent maintenance, a canvas awning cover may last 3 to 5 years. Contrast this with the synthetic and metal awnings, which can last two to four times as long.

Exposure to the Elements
Canvas awnings are much more delicate when it comes to exposure. Canvas is vulnerable to fading after extended exposure to the sun. Canvas is also more likely to succumb to wind damage and sagging from heavy loads.

In short, canvas awnings are cheap and classic, but if you can't commit to aggressive awning maintenance, they might not be the choice for you.

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