Redecorate: Turn your junk room into a real room

Follow these tips for a whole new room in no time.

It's the room we all need to redecorate -the room no one dares to enter. Your intentions are always good. You always intend to redecorate so that it is a lovely guest room or study. Instead, it stays a junk room. Well, now's the time to finally turn your junk room into a real room.

Decide what you want
When you decide to finally redecorate your junk room, the first thing you must do is figure out what kind of room you want it to be. The room probably became a junk room in the first place because you needed the storage space. When you redecorate, the trick is to maintain some of that storage, but transform the space so that it is useful. Have your ultimate goal in mind as you go through the process.

Part with the real junk
First, you need to get rid of what is actually junk. This room should not be a landfill. Get out some trash bags and start throwing anything away that you don't need or want. And, of course, get rid of anything that is broken. Donate whatever you can, too. You may find things that you did not even realize you had. Those items are good candidates to donate or toss. If you forgot that you had it, then you probably won't miss it.

Find sensible storage
Now, look at what you have stored in the room. What can be stored somewhere else? If something would make more sense stored in the attic or basement, then move it there. Maybe some things should be stored in the owner's bedroom. Go ahead and put them there. Find an appropriate place for the things that don't belong in the new room, and store them in their proper location.

There should be nothing left in the room now other than what absolutely must be stored there and the furniture that you need. Find some storage solutions for disguise. Buy some plastic bins that can be clearly labeled and then stored neatly in the closet or under the bed. Depending on what kind of room you're turning the junk room into, you may be able to use the closet solely for storage. Just be sure to keep it organized if you do.

Use furniture and redecorate to fit your needs
Also, use bookcases or armoires for storage. Make sure to keep them attractive, though. Buy some baskets that can you can put on the shelves. You can hide what needs to be stored in a way that looks nice.

With all of the junk now neatly stored, you can redecorate the room to suit your needs. Transform it into whatever you want to. A study, a guest retreat, a personal retreat. There are plenty of options. Just remember to keep the junk at bay by maintaining your storage system.

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