How to Clean a Trash Compactor

You should learn how to clean a trash compactor as soon as you have one in your home. Periodically, you need to clean your trash compactor just like any other household appliance.

Waste compactors work on a simple principle. You place garbage into the compactor, press a button and a series of belts and pulleys lowers a ram. The ram then exerts an enormous amount of pressure onto the accumulated trash and squishes it into a smaller, compact bundle.

The trash compactor is a great way to reduce the volume of household waste, but since your compactor takes on a wide variety of household refuse, it will begin to smell without regular cleaning.

The Cleaning Process
To clean your trash compactor, start from the outside and work your way inside. Before you begin, make sure to wear old clothes and rubber gloves.

Start out by using a sponge or cloth with warm, soapy water to wash the outside of the compactor. You can also use commercial cleaning products on the outside of the compactor, if you do opt for a commercial cleaner, choose one that can cut through grease.

After completely cleaning the outside of the compactor, it is time to clean the inside. As with the outside, it is necessary to use a degreaser or a heavy-duty soap. Thoroughly scrub the ram and the interior of the compactor, then rinse with clean water. Dry the interior thoroughly with a cloth before loading in a new trash compactor bag. Your compactor is now clean and odor free.

Controlling Odors Between Cleanings
You can keep odors down between cleanings by spraying a germ-killing deodorant or disinfectant inside the compactor. Another method to keep odor down is to sprinkle the interior with baking soda every time you change trash compactor bags.

Most manufacturers recommend a filter change once year, to help with the elimination of odor and bacteria. 

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