Restoring Hardwood Floors to Maximum Shine

Hardwood floors look amazing when they are shiny and clean, but can quickly become mottled and dull without proper care. Whether you are restoring hardwood floors in an older home or you've just installed hardwood floors, learn how to get and keep the shine.

While many cleaners on the market claim to give hardwood floors an exceptional shine, the best results come from products that are manufactured by hardwood flooring companies. These are specially calibrated to polish the polyurethane seal on most hardwood floors without leaving a dull buildup.

You may come across some home remedies that claim to give hardwood floors a durable shine. Some of these methods may actually do more harm than good. For example, many people claim that vinegar water makes the floor shine, but, in reality, vinegar, lemon juice and other traditional home remedy cleaners eat away at the polyurethane finish, leaving tiny craters that trap dirt, dull the finish and make it even harder to clean. A proper hardwood floor cleaner has a balanced pH formula that won't erode the shiny finish.

First, sweep the floor with a soft-bristled broom to remove any dirt, sand or grit. You can also dust the floor with a floor duster. The floors will shine when they don't have a layer of dust to cloud them up. Schedule a weekly cleaning for floors to remove the caked on dirt. Remember to use a cleaner specifically designed for a hardwood floor's polyurethane finish. When restoring hardwood floors, this is especially important.

For the ultimate polish, use a hardwood floor polish that is safely formulated to work on a polyurethane floor. Apply the polish with a clean damp cloth and buff it with a dry cloth. However, with regular and proper dusting and cleaning, you probably won't need a separate polish step.

If hardwood flooring has been dulled and damaged so much that cleaning and maintenance cannot restore them, there are still options. A professional can come in and assist you with your hardwood floors restoration project. They will strip any polyurethane layers or wax layers down to the wood. After sanding and re-staining, a new polyurethane layer will be applied. Then, simple maintenance and cleaning will continue the shine for years to come.

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Hardwood floors are attractive and durable, but they can stain and scratch easily if not cared for properly.

Cleaning hardwood floors is the surest way to keep them looking great.

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Hardwood floors develop a rich patina over time and add rustic charm and appeal to nearly any home. Learning how to clean and maintain your hardwood floors properly will add to their timeless quality.

Wood floors add a visual warmth and beauty that few other floor coverings can match. Available in many sizes and varieties of wood, there is a wood floor to fit any design style. Today, the most common wood floor finish is urethane. Applied in liquid form, urethane leaves a smooth, glossy finish that is able to stand up to heavy day-to-day traffic.

Many people prefer hardwood floors because of their unique character, beauty and elegance that it lends to the home. Being the natural and organic product it is affected by normal wear and tear of everyday living.

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