How to Polish Brass

How to Polish Brass
Most brass produced today is covered with a clear lacquer before being offered for sale. If your brass is new, it probably has this protective covering. In this case, you just need to dust the brass occasionally, if applicable, and wipe it down occasionally with a damp cloth. No additional polishing is required.

For older brass, you can purchase a commercial brass polisher at your local store. Follow the package's directions on how to polish brass. If you are working on a piece of antique brass, test the product on a hidden spot before you apply it all over the brass to make sure that you get the result that you want. You may not want to completely remove the effects of aging.

If you prefer, you can use some homemade concoctions to wash and polish your brass. Check out your refrigerator. If you have ketchup, you have a brass polisher. Squirt some ketchup on a rag or on the brass itself. Wipe the ketchup all over the brass, then remove any "leftovers" with a damp cloth. Buff the brass dry.

Another homemade brass cleaner is a paste made of one teaspoon of salt dissolved into one-half a cup of vinegar, with enough flour added to create the paste. Rub the combo onto your brass. After about ten minutes, rinse the brass and buff it dry. You may have to do this more than once with a "difficult" piece.

If your brass is very old and hasn't polished for some time or is in particularly poor shape, consult an expert before you try to work on the piece yourself. It may be better for you to pay someone else to take care of your brass rather than spend a lot of time yourself with minimal results, or even worse, damage the brass even more.

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