How to Remove Water Spots from Windows

Learning how to remove water spots from windows can help you to keep your windows clean and clear. It is easy for windows to accumulate water spots, especially when you're washing them. Windex (or other brands of glass cleaner) don't always remove water spots cleanly, without leaving streaks on the glass. Here are some tips on how to remove water spots from windows.

It is easiest to remove water spots from windows if you do it right away. The sooner you can treat the water spot, the more likely it is to come out quickly. Check your windows regularly to ensure that there are no water spots which need to be tended to.

An easy and effective home remedy for water spots on windows is white vinegar. Simply wipe the window with a little white vinegar and you'll notice that the water spots disappear. The best part about using white vinegar as a remedy is that you probably have it on hand.

Another option for removing water spots from windows is to use a little rubbing alcohol followed by Windex. This combination works well especially when Windex alone isn't doing the trick. The rubbing alcohol breaks up the stain and the Windex removes it as well as cleans the glass. Try putting both the alcohol and then the Windex on a paper towel and rubbing it on the window.

You can try to remove the water spots from windows by using micro fiber cloths. You should be able to find micro fiber cloths at your local grocery or home goods supply store. You can wet one and wash the window without soap, then dry it with another cloth.

A glass polish can be expensive, but effective. Follow the directions on the bottle. Test the glass polish on the glass before using it to ensure it won't cause any damage.

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Washing windows isn't as much of a challenge as most people think. There are simple ways to leave them gleaming and streak-free, but you will need to put some effort into the job.

Nobody likes washing windows. There, I said it-got it out of the way fast, too. After that obvious fact comes another one: it still has to be done. Washing windows without streaks is every homeowner's goal. If you've struggled with paper towels and bottles of retail cleaner, it's time to get on the road to streak free windows.

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