Homemade Glass Gleaner

When you can make your own homemade glass cleaner, you can save yourself a lot of money as well as be a little kinder to the environment. Making your own homemade glass cleaner means you can make bigger batches of it, which you can store for easy accessibility, but make sure it's kept away from children and pets. And since you know exactly what is going into it, you don't have to worry about unknown chemicals in your house, like bleach, which when mixed with ammonia can be deadly. 

The first thing you should do when making your own homemade glass cleaner is to get all of your ingredients and supplies. It is easier if you have everything on hand rather than having to stop to get buckets, spray bottles and ingredients.

To make your homemade glass cleaner, you'll need water, vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Mix one part water with one part vinegar. If you don't happen to have any vinegar on hand you can substitute ammonia for the vinegar. You'll need one of these ingredients to cut through all of the gunk you're trying to remove, particularly if you're in a high-bacteria area such as a shower. Combine these ingredients in a bucket, stirring thoroughly. You can fill up a spray bottle for immediate use and then store the rest in a container with a secure lid for future use.

Make sure that you label both the spray bottle and the container with what is inside to help prevent an accident. Keep in mind that ammonia is a poison, so it should be used only if you don't have vinegar, and it's a good idea to write on the bottle or label if there is ammonia in the mixture.

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