House Cleaning Schedule: Deep Cleaning Checklist

Keep a deep cleaning schedule for your home so that even the most overlooked areas will sparkle. Most deep cleaning can be scheduled every few weeks or even every few months, depending on how you use the area. Put together a cleaning kit complete with solutions and sprays, clean rags, rubber gloves and any other specialty supplies the jobs call for. When you have a comprehensive deep cleaning checklist, you can work on a few jobs at a time or rotate the jobs around.

In the kitchen, a deep cleaning checklist should include the stove. It's a good idea to start the cleaning process there, whether it's self cleaning or spray unit, while you do other things. Include the cabinet exteriors and interiors, refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher in your deep cleaning list for the kitchen.

A house cleaning schedule of a living room or TV room should include the following tasks. Move sofas and chairs to dust and vacuum the wall and floor underneath them. Wipe down the baseboards and vents. Dust ceiling fans and the tops of doors and wash windows and window sills. If relevant, take special care in moving any electronic equipment around to thoroughly dust under and around the units.

A bathroom deep cleaning checklist includes washing floor mats and any throw rugs. Wipe down the inside of medicine cabinets, shelves and drawers as needed. Wash down the walls, especially behind the toilet and sink. Thoroughly scrub the tub and shower walls and wipe down the shower curtain if you have one.

Throughout the home, dust ceiling fans, vents and the tops of doors. Sweep cobwebs in every corner and wipe down the baseboards in hallways and stair areas. Clean all windows and windowsills in entryways and hallways.

When deep cleaning, start in one room and focus until it is finished. Don't allow yourself to become distracted; it will make your chores interminable. If you stick to a regular deep cleaning checklist, the tasks will not be as overwhelming or as difficult. When you neglect a deep cleaning schedule, it becomes that much harder to quickly and efficiently accomplish each task.

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Organizing a schedule for cleaning house is not difficult. Just break down the tasks into daily, weekly, monthly and annual chores, and make a note of when you need to do them.

Home cleaning is something that we all have to do, and the easiest way to handle it is a house cleaning schedule.

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