What to Expect from Ironing Services

Do you love the look and feel of freshly ironed clothes but don't have time for ironing? Then an ironing service may be the solution for you. Home ironing services were popular in the 1950s and 60s, but over the years they seem to have gone the way of the milkman. With today's over-scheduled, over-stressed, over-worked lives, ironing services are now making a welcome comeback.

There are two basic types of ironing services: services where you drop-off your items at their location, often a private home, and ironing services that come to your home. Prices vary, but you can expect to pay approximately $1 to $2 for a shirt, up to $5 or more for larger items such as bed sheets or table cloths and as little as twenty five cents for smaller items such as napkins and children's items. Expect to pay a little more if the service comes to your home, but it probably won't be any more than the cost of the gasoline you'd spend driving to to the ironing service location.  If your time is limited, it's well worth it. Don't forget to specify if you want starch and how much.

Worried about the cost? Washing your shirts at home and having them ironed can be less than the cost of taking them to the cleaners.

So how do you find an ironing service? You can begin by looking in your local newspaper classifieds or online at sites such as Craigslist under "services." If you already have someone who cleans your home, see if you can't add ironing to the list of duties.

There's nothing like the feel of crisp, clean, freshly ironed clothes. And slipping between freshly ironed sheets will make you feel like you're at a five-star hotel. Try an ironing service on for size. You'll look like a million bucks.

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You may truly consider yourself an accomplished homemaker if you have mastered the skill of ironing. Knowing your fabrics, choosing good equipment and learning the tricks of the trade, as well as giving yourself ample time to enjoy the process, can turn ironing from drudgery into a satisfying project.

There's nothing better than crisp, freshly ironed clothes and bed linens.  One trick that can make the practice of ironing even more pleasant and add even more freshness to your laundry is to use ironing water while you iron. 

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If you're someone who enjoys ironing your own clothes, you know that nothing is more nerve-wracking than ironing silk. Silk is delicate and easily burned, stretched, or otherwise damaged on an ironing board. Depending on the type of garment and the type of silk, it may take a little experimentation to achieve the best results.

Learning how to iron a shirt has a number of benefits. Although you may never duplicate a professional pressing, you'll save money and be able to get a shirt looking spiffy in no time.

When learning how to iron a dress shirt it's important that you understand safety measures regarding the use of a clothes iron, and also know what type of fabric the shirt is made of.

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