Basement Organization: Reclaim Your Space

Try these ideas to organize your basement.

With a little basement organization, this underground room can become a useful part of your home, rather than a dungeon of clutter where no one dares to venture. The following basement organization tips can help you regain control of an important space in your house.

Throw away, donate, keep
When it comes to basement organization, the first step is to sort through everything. Throw away everything you can. Donate the rest. Keep only what you really need or actually use. Don't just put stuff in your basement thinking you might use it someday. Be able to let go.

After this process, what is left should be stored in plastic bins or boxes to keep it well organized. The most thorough basement organization includes a well thought-out storage method -- all Christmas decorations together, clothing together, etc.

Be aware of moisture problems
Basements often have moisture problems, so keep this in mind during your basement organization project. The moisture level can help determine what actually goes into your basement. Photos can be ruined if there is too much moisture. Plus, there is also always a chance that a basement can flood. Try not to store anything that can be damaged by water directly on the floor.

Use the space wisely
After you finish the most daunting part of basement organization -- sorting through everything -- make sure to use the space well. Consider your needs. Is part of your basement a living area of your home? Then, use the corner areas or a side room as storage. The basement is also a great space to create wine storage. The cooler temperatures typically found in a basement make it ideal for storing wine.

Once you have completed your basement organization project, the next step is to maintain it. Keep it organized. Also, regularly check on your belongings to be sure that there hasn't been any water damage.

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