The Wonders of Wicker

Wicker baskets are fantastic to use to display and store items and versatile enough for every room in your apartment. They are lightweight, very stylish, come in many different shapes and sizes and can be used for items large or small.

Use a wicker basket in your kitchen to hold an assortment of items such as dishtowels, potholders or paper products such as napkins or rolls of paper towels.

In your living room, use a wicker basket to hold books, magazines, catalogues and TV guides. They are also good for holding games, playing cards and knitting or crocheting supplies, especially if you like to engage in these activities with the television on.

If your entertainment center is overflowing, buy a decent-sized wicker basket to store your videos and DVDs.

Floral arrangements look terrific in wicker baskets in any room in your apartment, but most people like to fancy up their living room, as that is the room guests spend time in while visiting. For a seasonal spin at Christmastime, display poinsettias and pretty the basket up even more with a brightly colored bow tied around the handle.

The bedroom, with its relaxed, casual air, is a perfect environment for wicker baskets. Use small ones to hold makeup supplies, brushes, combs and cotton balls. Hair supplies, such as blow dryers, curling irons and curlers as well as accessories such as barrettes, clips, pins and ponytail holders store well in wicker baskets in a bedroom. And don't forget about your old stuffed toys that you can't live without (or for when small visitors come over).

In bathrooms, wicker baskets can be used to hold towels, washcloths, bars of soap and rolls of toilet paper. Use them to organize your toiletries under your sink or use small ones on your countertop or on a shelf to hold razors, ointment, band-aids, extra toothbrushes, items for guests, etc. Do you like potpourri in the bathroom? Display it in a decorative wicker basket.

Other uses for wicker baskets in your apartment:

  • Use in your coat closet for hats, scarves, mittens, gloves and other outdoor accessories. Group like items together or devise a system that works for you.
  • Store grocery bags in a wicker basket for easy access.
  • Use to store photo albums, yearbooks and other keepsakes. Or perhaps save all of your stationery supplies in a wicker basket. Just be careful where you place your wicker baskets. Keep in mind that they will mildew if placed somewhere where dampness is likely to occur.
  • Save all of your pet supplies in a wicker basket (cans of cat or dog food, crunchies, treats, flea remedies, combs and the like).
  • Small wicker baskets are perfect for odds and ends such as tacks, paperclips, pens, staples, nails, picture hangers, clothespins and all the other little junk you have lying around your apartment.
  • Wicker is a good choice for collections such as rocks, marbles, seashells and candles.

Use your imagination to come up with hundreds of ideas for using wicker baskets in your home. Use my ideas as a starting off point and then brainstorm some of your own.

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